Sunday, 9 September 2012

Week 1 shopping list & menu plan

2 Borlotti Beans In Water £0.78
1 Brown Basmati Rice £1.68
1 Cabbage Sliced Curly Kale £0.94
1.0 kg Carrots £0.78
1 Celery £0.89
1 Chicken Breast Fillets Skinless £3.70
1 50% Fruit High Juice No Added Sugar Citrus Mint £1.49
1 Fresh Cream Double £1.50
2 Fresh Milk Semi Skimmed £2.00
1 Great Stuff Apple & Apricot Snack Pack £0.50
1 Great Stuff Pineapple Lolly £0.50
1 Great Stuff Snack Pack Apple & Grapes £0.44
1 Great Stuff Snack Pack Apple & Pear £0.50
1 Growing Coriander £0.76
1 High Juice Citrus (No Added Sugar) £1.49
1 High Juice Florida Orange (No Added Sugar) £1.49
1 Leeks Trimmed £1.00
1 Lime £0.27
1 Mushrooms Chestnut £0.98
0.1 kg Onions £0.09
2 Pineapple Chunks In Juice £0.86
0.2 kg Root Ginger Piece £0.42
1 Smartprice Natural Yogurt Low Fat £0.55
1 Smartprice Onions £1.17
1 Smartprice Peppers £1.37
1 Strawberries £1.50
0.6 kg Sweet Potatoes £0.77
2 White Potatoes £2.00
1 Wholefoods Cous Cous £1.35
1 Easy Bakery White Part Baked Baguette £0.78
1 Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder £1.78
1 Scotty Brand Strawberries £1.50

Total = £35.83

I'm quite pleased to be honest, I have some fruit for snacks and treats, I've got a few store cupboard staples, and stocked up on squash. I know for most people the 50p snack packs of fruit aren't great value, however I think 5 packs for £1.50 is good value given I could only get a bag of apples or a pineapple or grapes for that, this way I get a bit of variety.

Now, the important bit - what are all these things making?

Roasted sweet potato couscous with lime and coriander
Chicken korma
Sweet and sour chicken
Potato leek gratin
Pasta with lentil bolognaise
Egyptian rice
Borlotti Bean and mushroom stew

If a recipe isn't much cop, I'll let you know, if it's worth making I'll post it in detail. All these recipes make 4+ portions, leaving plenty leftover to freeze for lunches another day. All the meals are planned to be under 500 calories, making shifting a few pounds hopefully effortless. The curry and Chinese are also a punt at a low fat low calorie version of favourites, so we'll see how they turn out compared to the real deal.

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